the 2021 restaurant experience awaits you

Best Iia Restaurant

Restaurants have had an on and off business experience due to covid around the world. But now when things are finally getting better, they are surely the first place to be.

While you missed dining out, we have missed you even more. And with the security of customers at risk and the advanced changes coming within the restaurant industry at a quick speed, we had to change too.

Now you can experience a much better fine-dine at the best Indian restaurant in the Netherlands.

What can you look up to?

Here are some points to name a few.

  • Improved quality
    We weren’t just sitting around doing nothing. Each day of ours went into improving our cuisines so that you can feel the same yet taste something even better. So, you can have the upgraded versions of our spices and sauces and we promise to continue the betterment in the future.
  • Faster service
    You hate waiting for your food and we hate making you wait. We agree that good things take time. But we wouldn’t be the best Indian restaurant if we fail to tackle this issue without compromising the quality of your food. Hence, we promise to not take much of your precious time and serve your cuisines quickly so you can spend more time enjoying them.
  • Easier online reservation, delivery and payment
    To make your experience more convenient, we have also made it easier to reserve tables online. You can also get your meal delivered fast by following a very simple ordering process. Also, the multi-payment options include cash, card and online mediums.
  • Safe distancing
    We cannot even consider a chance of putting you at risk and have therefore changed the placements of tables at our venue so that you can enjoy your experience without worrying about getting infected at all. You can order directly from your table or online and there will be no need to queue up for ordering and payment.

We pride ourselves as the best Indian restaurant because we always aim to provide you with the best overall experience. Come have a taste of it soon. We’ll be waiting for you at Saffron.

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Proudly designed & developed by
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