We all love eating out, don’t we? But, have you ever wondered if the way you order food at a restaurant is correct? Knowing the right way to place an order can be the differentiating factor between a good and an amazing dine-out experience. You will be able to truly appreciate the food. It is also helpful for the restaurant staff if you know your way.
So, here’s how it is done.
STEP 1- Booking

While booking isn’t something essential, it is definitely recommended. It ensures that you will get a table at your required time. You can also choose to get seated indoors or outdoors and in the smoking section, etc. The restaurant will also get an idea of how many people to expect.

STEP 2- Drinks

Once you are seated, the first thing to order is a drink. It is refreshing, can be served quickly, and also gives you plenty of time to go through the menu to decide what to eat.

STEP 3- Food

Next comes the most important part of eating out: ordering your meal. You can begin with an appetizer, followed by the main course and dessert. Or you can simply skip the appetizers and head straightaway to the main course. It is absolutely alright to ask the staff about their specials and suggestions to make a better choice.

STEP 4- Special Requests

In case you cannot eat something because of health issues, religious beliefs, or some other reason, check the menu properly. You can also enquire about the ingredients of a dish from the staff and make special requests to prepare it as per your preferences, if possible.

STEP 5- Bill

Once you have enjoyed a delicious meal and are sure that you don’t want anything else, ask the staff for your bill/cheque.

This is how you can have a great eating out experience while following proper etiquettes.
We’re always ready to welcome you at Saffron and serve you the best Indian delights. So, book your table and come dine with us.

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