What differentiates a restaurant from the other? The more obvious points will include the cuisines served, ambience, etc. But all of us do remember tasting the food at a restaurant and appreciating the sauce.
Restaurant sauce is the ultimate secret behind any recipe which is unique to every place. Most of these sauces are homemade or passed down from generation to generation. The ingredients used in them are mostly inexpensive. Still, the way they’re mixed and used in dishes is what makes all the difference.
What makes them so popular?
Firstly, they highly appeal to the millennials who make up for most of the dine-out population. They are always open to experimenting with their tastes at different places. A signature sauce is what definitely attracts their adventurous palates.

Secondly, restaurant sauce that is homemade or has a legacy or some sort of story behind it adds a personalized touch to the restaurant experience. It is what accounts for the unique taste which gets customers to come back to a restaurant again and again. It is also what differentiates one eatery from the other.

Thirdly, pairing tasty sauces with spices and seasonings from different places is a very creative way to give a fresh touch to any dish. The resulting flavour is one of a kind. It keeps the customers craving for more.

The best part about sauces is that they can be made according to seasonal ingredients and rotated likewise, giving your guests a familiar but different taste from time to time. They are also very easy to make and can be served with various dishes or included during preparation itself.

So, now that you know about the secret of restaurants that keeps you coming, savour it all and see what you like. Get the taste of restaurant sauce from the best Indian chefs in the Netherlands at Saffron.

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